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Weekenders Golf Club


Dues: $50.00 per year

Membership: The first 50 paid members will make up our roster. All other applications will go on a waiting list. You must play in a minimum of 3 tournaments to be a member in good standing for next year. Former members will get priority.

Scorecards: Turn in totaled club scorecards IMMEDIATELY after the round is complete to Mike Hymel. Each foursome is to designate ONE MEMBER to bring in the scorecard as soon as your round is complete!!!
Closest To The Hole: $5.00 per person covers all 4 Par 3 holes. Please pay when you check in. The hole markers must be turned in to Marvin Hawley after the round. The following will be the written rules regarding the closet to the hole competition during club tournaments:
1)      The ball must be on the green to qualify.
2)      The closest to the hole marker must be placed on the spot where the ball lies on the green.
3)      The name of the golfer has to be written on the marker.
Additionally, the Club may require a best estimate of the distance from the hole be written on the marker if the officers determine there’s a chance the marker could be moved by golfers placed in between our groups by the course. That determination will be made at each tournament.
Scats:  You must keep a seperate score card for Scats at check in, and turn them in after the round is completed.

Guests: Guests as a rule are not allowed due to the limited number of tee times. Any member wishing to bring a guest must contact Derrell Roussel on Thursday before the tournament to see if there is room. We use guests to complete foursomes, and they should be potential members for the future. 

Hole-In-One Club: Each member is enrolled with payment of dues. Any member that records a hole-in-one during a WGC event, will receive a $75.00 cash prize!

Completion of each hole is a putt holed out. Failure to putt out will result in tournament disqualification.
This sounds simple and is not to be confused with cheating. (Cheating is not tolerated, club expulsion being the result). Count all strokes means that during the play of a hole, especially a tough one, it is easy to forget about a "chili-dip", a shot left in the bunker, a four putt, etc. The intent here is for the foursome to diplomatically challenge a score if anyone in the group feels it is in error. The challenged golfer should not be offended, but re-count his strokes and verify or correct his announced score. It is not comfortable to do, but the responsibility lies with the foursome and must be done (verified or corrected) prior to teeing off on the next hole. If not, the score stands. Everyone in the club benefits from accurate stroke counting and it is the expectation that each member (or guest) speak up if necessary, whether you have played together for ten years or met ten minutes ago.
A 6-inch rollover is allowed anywhere, other than in a hazard as defined by red or yellow stakes or indicated on the scorecard. This means you can improve your lie by rolling the ball but it does not mean you can improve your position. (EXAMPLE: If your ball lies on hard pan and grass is within 6 inches, you can roll the ball onto the grass for a better lie, however if your ball is directly behind a tree, you may not move it 6 inches if the move will eliminate the tree as an impediment to your swing or as an obsticle between your ball and the hole. Thus you can improve your lie but not your position.
Relief from an unplayable is 2 club lengths (longest club in your or your group's bag) not closer to the hole. The penalty is one stroke.
Out of bounds, as determined by the scorecard and white stakes, is assessed as a one stroke penalty. It is played similar to a lateral hazard and the ball should be dropped 2 club lengths from the spot it went out. Obviously it is to be dropped no closer to the hole, in either case.
6. LOST BALL (Amended for WGC play)
Lost ball is played from best guess estimate of where it was lost, 2 club lengths not closer to the hole. The penalty is one stroke.
Playing the wrong ball is a 2 stroke penalty and you must replay the shot from the original spot of your ball.
If your group is more than 2 shots behind the group in front of you, you are guilty of slow play, every effort should be made to close the gap.
Each golfer is allowed 14 clubs (including your putter) in the bag. Penalty for playing with too many clubs is 2 strokes for each hole, with a maximum penalty per round of 4 strokes.
You must play in 3 tournaments per year to be a member in good standing.
When in doubt about rules, consult the members of your foursome for advice. If there is still uncertainty, seek counsel from the nearest foursome or contact an officer of the club.


Individual Low Net:
NAME ($30)

Low Flight
High Flight
1) Name ($40)
1) Name ($40)
2) Name ($30)
2) Name ($30)
3) Name ($20)
3) Name ($20)

Membership Application

Club Motto:
To hold monthly tournaments played for
competition among friends using handicaps for prize money.
The object is to shoot the lowest score and have fun!

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